Inspiration for Lessons

Below are some terrific resources for art teachers who are planning lessons for grades 8-12.

I will update this post as I uncover more great sites and blogs. Include your own suggestions and links in the comments below!

Last updated June 2, 2015

Art Lesson Plans from “The Teacher’s Guide”

  • Lessons for drawing, painting and sculpture, submitted by art teachers from all over

High School Art Lessons from “The Incredible Art Department”

  • A massive amount of cross-curricular art lessons divided by grade level, medium, subject or period.

Norfolk Art Department: Includes Rubrics, Curriculum Maps, Lesson Plans and Syllabi

  • Norfolk High School in Nebraska posted ALL of their notes, powerpoints, lesson plans, quizzes, assessment tools etc. from the 2011/2012 school year. You’ll find much of it extremely helpful, especially if you’re just starting out. Grade 7, 8, and high school are included here.

Art of Apex: Choice-Based Art Education

  • OUTSTANDING art project ideas! Collaborative, contemporary, exercises or multimedia, it’s all here. There’s no way you won’t get inspired.

Make It Artwork Blog

  • This blog chronicles the many projects taught by a teacher in South Dakota. The wide variety is exciting. I don’t know HOW she packs all of this into one school year!

Art Teacher Directory: A Collection of Art Educators’ Blogs

  • Just as the name suggests, this is a conglomeration of some of the most inspiring art teacher blogs out there. A head-spinning amount of lesson ideas can be found here if you’re willing to take the plunge into this exhaustive directory.

 Art In The Picture: An Introduction To Art History

  • A terrific resource for those planning art history lessons. Search by artist, movement, country or time period.

Art of Education: Lesson Plans

  • “Ridiculously relevant professional development for art teachers”. Find lessons from K-12.


  • Not just lesson plans, this cross-curricular site is packed with too many resources to list. To name a few: mobile apps, student interactives, strategy guides for teachers, games, how-to’s, learning objectives, etc. etc.

Art History For Dummies

  • You’re not dumb if you need this…we all need a cheat sheet every now and again. This is a good quick-reference guide if you’re planning art history units or lesson plans.

An Art Teacher’s Guide To Critique Artwork

  • Includes tips for conducting in-class critique, a printable form for students to aid their critique, rubrics, and other helpful items.

Art Criticism and Formal Analysis

  • An outline to help you plan a lesson on critique.

Coast Salish Art in the Classroom

  • An awesome resource available through my university and co-created by a friend of mine. Videos, links, guiding questions, visual examples, lessons about design elements, templates etc. Definitely going to use this someday.

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